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How I transformed the oldest dull building into a true hidden gem in Montreal's industrial park 😮

It all started when I was inspired by the Wynwood district in Miami, where art and business seamlessly intertwine. I wanted to bring that same energy and creativity to Montreal, and that's when I set my sights on our building at 9085 Edison Street, Montreal.

For over 65 years, it had been just another building in the industrial park district, surrounded by concrete and steel. But I saw something different. I saw the potential to transform the building into something that would inspire and captivate anyone who laid eyes on it.

That's when I knew that art was the key to unlocking my vision. I wanted to create something that would leave a lasting impression on the community. And that's when I reached out to EnMasse a talented art collective in Montreal.

Together, we embarked on a 16-day journey to transform the building's facade into a phantasmagorical dreamscape that defies expectations. The stunning black and white 10 000 sqft fresco they created evokes the history of this first manufacturing building in the Anjou industrial park, which was erected in 1954.

I believe that this artwork is a testament to my bold leadership and my constant strive to do things differently and push the boundaries of what is possible. It's a reflection of the creative spirit of Montreal, and I'm proud to have played a part in bringing it to life. This mural invites the community to aesthetically reclaim this once-overlooked sector and transform it into something beautiful. It's a perfect example of the unexpected and wondrous places you can visit in Montreal.

And the best part? The co-founder of EnMasse, Jason Botkin, was so impressed with the project that we will paint the entire building on the same theme in 2023. I couldn't be happier with how the project turned out, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for our building and the surrounding area.

I invite you to come and immerse yourself in the surreal world of this breathtaking art mural. It's a tribute to the power of creativity and the magic of Montreal. So come and expto experience something truly unique and inspiring. I hope to see you soon at our factory, Gould Industries.


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