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The secret behind building a multiple million dollar even during a pandemic

This text is taken and rewritten from THE HUSTLER'S DIGEST

Having a business is one thing, but building one that will endure the test of time, especially during times like the pandemic is extremely important for long term success. I’ve always knew that if you have a product that fulfills an essential need that is crucial to day-to-day living, makes it easier to have the type of sales volume it takes to seriously scale a business consistently. Because depending on your market, your product could be in style today, but gone tomorrow. This is one reason we’ve seen many businesses close in the past two years, if it’s a want and not a need, it’s difficult for people to invest their money into it when they don’t have any.

In light of the pandemic, many businesses didn’t make it through the past 6 months, but why Gould Industries really shined is by being in a niche that was needed regardless of the circumstances. By having a product people need and providing them with top-quality service ensures a business’s long-term survival. Make sure to provide the product to the consumer quickly and being a reliable supplier your customers can rely on. Great service and efficiency is key, with a quality product is an absolute must.

In closing, here is a set of practical tips that I wish I knew when I was just starting a business. Sometimes it can be daunting to make the first move on a new idea or dream, guidance from mentors can make the journey easier.

Tip #1 “Pay attention to your competitor’s moves.”

Tip #2 “Be competitive right off the bat.”

Tip #3 “Don’t be afraid to cold call.”

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