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How to act like a modern CEO

This text is taken and rewritten from VENTS MAGAZINE

Since a very young age, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit starting several companies and having great success in different industries. I believe that to succeed every entrepreneur needs to put his employees and customers first. Very few people care about this genuinely and have this level of care and understanding for their team and clientele.

My venture Gould Industries is without a doubt a compilation of everything I have learned up until this point in my life, how to grow a business, how to build an exceptional team, and most of all, how to enrich the lives of people around the world through our products and services.

Creating a team atmosphere in the office and beyond

Gould Industrie’s facilities in Montreal are modern, sleek, clean, and welcoming to all who work there and do business with us. From the moment you approach the campus, you notice immediately how much time and effort was spent in making it beautiful. Every wall on the outside of the building is adorned in an expressive design that makes it unique.

I wanted to expresses to my employees that this is a space where being yourself and putting your best foot forward is one of the keys to running a business where employees will simply love coming to work! With the collaboration of local artist we've created the largest mural in Canada. My philosophy and management style is to making sure all employees feels comfortable at work and enjoys being there, I care for every people in the Gould's team.

Exceptional quality and fair prices for our clientele

While Gould Industries is one of the key suppliers of packaging supplies and white label manufacturing, it’s immediately clear how much we appreciate our customer and spend a lot of time making sure we give our clientele the best possible experience while also delivering an incredible quality product at a price everyone can generally afford.

Inspiring people on how to win in real life

Mindset is key to make everything possible. I came from a non-traditional background in North Montreal, despite this, most of my initial business endeavours were successful, from being the third most sold energy drink, to now working with most major retailers around the country. I want to inspire everyone to succeed and that the goal is always to have fun in whatever you're doing and not consider it work. I genuinely believe in helping people and challenge them to be their best selves.


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